Starting today, you can purchase Luxer Lockers directly from your local Home Depot store. Luxer Lockers are a commonly requested amenity in multifamily residences to accommodate package delivery from online shopping.

These lockers give residents peace of mind that their packages will be kept safe and secure, especially in the face of rising package theft incidents. In this article, we review common use cases for Luxer Lockers and share all of the information you need to order your own system from The Home Depot. Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for multifamily, university, office and retail. Want to learn more? Luxer Lockers are Luxer One's flagship product, shown in the image above.

They provide a "3-legged stool" solution for package management. The three legs of our metaphorical stool includes property managers, residents, and carriers, and we guarantee an excellent user experience for each of these groups. Traditionally, property managers have accepted and stored packages for their residents in their front office. For many properties, this has turned into over 40 packages per day! They then need to notify their residents that a package has arrived with a mail slip in their mailbox, and drop everything to hand off the package when the resident arrives at the office to pick it up.

Residents have issues with this traditional model as well - in order to pick up their package, they need to make it home in time to arrive at the office before they close - typically 5 PM or 6 PM. Then they have to wait while the property manager or leasing agent searches for the right package.

Carriers are an important part of this picture as well. They will either need to work with a property manager to agree to sign for resident packages, or manually deliver door-to-door. In a large complex, delivery straight to the unit's door could add up to significant time, which reduces the number of packages they can deliver in a day. Some management offices may not open until 10 AM or later, which can make scheduling deliveries difficult as well.

Luxer Lockers solve all of these problems for property managers, residents, and carriers. Carriers can deliver packages in one central location at any time of the day, and residents don't need to rush home to pick up their items.

Property managers are removed from this delivery and pickup equation altogether, reducing their package management hours to just a few per week. To learn more about how Luxer Lockers work, visit our product page here. The Luxer One team makes the installation process as easy as possible.

Once you purchase a locker system, you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager to assist with the entire installation process.

Luxer Room: How The Package Room by Luxer One Works for Properties

The Project Manager will walk you through the pre-installation requirements. This includes details like power and internet requirements, space dimensions, and more.

Architect's Tools

On the day of installation, Luxer One takes care of all the details. We have a dedicated team on-site to deliver the lockers and install them.

The delivery is completely white-glove, meaning we will even recycle all of the packaging for you. The installation team makes sure the lockers are fully up and running, ready for your influx of packages. Depending on the number of locker units you order, this typically only takes one day. We're excited to share an easy, new way to buy Luxer Lockers through the Pro desk at your local Home Depot store. The staff will be able to assist you in the ordering process and explain anything you need to know.

If you've visited the Pro desk to learn more about Luxer Lockers, comment below to share your experience! The Luxer One Innovation Blog. Posted by Luxer One. What is a Luxer Locker? What is the installation process like? Written by Luxer One.I would be happy to hear some opinions about other Luxor TVs, pros and cons, consumer reviews or anything else related to the brand.

Are they reliable as I haven't heard of them before I am thinking of buying a 28inch smart TV what do you think I an on a pension so have not much Monet so I don't want to waste it on a TV that won't last.

I have never heard of Luxor TVs but an thinking of buying one a 48 inch smart TV I don't know if they are reliable I live on a small pension so don't want to waste the little money I have please advice. Hi, June. I didn't quite get it, are you thinking of buying 28 or 48 inch smart TV?

luxer one specifications

Luxor brand is owned by turkish manufacturer Vestel. The same type of TV can you find on german market under brand Telefunken, in finnish market under Finlux and in some countries under brand Hitachi. They are not bad for the price, maybe better than chinese ones.

Thanks Pjotr, that is true, it is basically the same hardware. And yes they make pretty good consumer electronics for the price.

I am not quite sure about Luxor though, are they part of a bigger consortium or just a small brand? No recent consumer reviews of Luxor televisions.

Not sure if they manufacture and sell any new TV models at all Please, share your thoughts about this product. Test and Review About Contact Us. Well, I think not too many consumers, not to mention Luxor TV. Edge-lit LED technology. Refresh rate. Screen size. Built in. Smart TV. Dolby Digital Plus.

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luxer one specifications

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Luxer One has been providing package delivery lockers to multifamily communities since The company unveiled its US-made outdoor locker systems at the National Apartment Association Education Conference earlier this year. Its four locker tower models — including the oversized locker compartment standing at over 6ft.

After over 4. Today, the company holds four patents with two pending, and has performed millions of locker deliveries globally through its advanced technology platform. Luxer One serves the multifamily, retail, office, and mail center industries. To learn more about Luxer One, please visit www. Subscribe via RSS. Subscribe via ATOM.

Luxer One Logo. Register Sign In. Email Print Friendly Share. Luxer One.

luxer one specifications

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Log in here. Formats available: Original Medium Small. GlobeNewswire is one of the world's largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.It takes just 10 seconds to make a delivery and 8 seconds to pick one up. Give the gift of peace of mind. Increase the accountability for every package, with secure storage until the designated recipient picks it up.

In a Harbor Smart Package Locker, your packages are safe and secure; ready for pickup when you are. The Harbor Smart Locker System simplifies the parcel management process. Backed by industry leading software and service from set up to daily management, our smart lockers will save you time.

Harbor's industry leading technology makes package management easy.

Luxor manuals

Our smart lockers bring together mobile access codes, ios powered touch screens, and loads features to make life easier.

Streamline package distribution for you and your team Office. Make your small business a destination with package pickup Small Business. Why Smart Package Lockers? Convenience and security. Faster Pickup. Happier People. More Security. Key-free access to all compartments for management. Harbor Newsletter Join our mailing list for updates and quick tips.Amazon may be getting ever deeper into a range of virtual products like media content and cloud services, but it is also continuing to add more features to lock down the bread and butter of its business: its e-commerce marketplace and the vast logistics operation that underpins it.

Today, Amazon quietly unveiled a new service called The Hublockers designed to be installed in multi-tenant dwellings so that residents can receive bulky packages and pick them up at flexible times. Key to the service is that Amazon is offering it as a delivery option for packages from anyone, not just Amazon and its affiliates.

The Hub appears to be a development on a service that Amazon has been running for several years now called Amazon Lockers, parcel delivery lockers that are located in public places and retailers to make delivering and picking up Amazon parcels more efficient.

Significantly, both the Lockers and now these Hubs underscore a bigger ambition that Amazon has to lock in a segment of the logistics and delivery chain that has largely been out of its hands: last-mile and even more specifically last-feet delivery.

All these efforts give Amazon more control over how packages arrive with customers and potentially cut down more of the costs of getting them there. Improving margins is something that it will have to do eventually, and launching this today could well be a subtle sign from Amazon of one way that it might do that. Also not to be underestimated is the bigger impact of efforts like the Hub, beyond Amazon itself. DHL happens to have its own residence-based locker system, the Packstation.

Google owns the assets of another would-be competitor, BufferBox, which it acquired in but then shut down. As with Amazon Lockers, The Hub is also solving a significant pain point for consumers, delivery companies and Amazon itself: if you buy something bulky that cannot be delivered to your regular mailbox, there are too many variables involved in making sure that you receive it.

That gives Amazon a big opportunity to undercut competition by cutting into that margin as Amazon has done in so many other areas of its business.

But cost is not the only potential downside, competitors claim. Begs significant privacy and security questions for consumers, not to mention getting between retailers and their delivery carrier contracts.

Updated with comment from Luxer One.